About Me

My name is Jacqi Serie. In my own head I am a rock star but in real life I am an employee at the University of North Texas. Being a rock star is far more interesting so I will elaborate on that. I am a mom and wife. I would consider myself a creative person. I like to think outside the box, get my hands dirty and create. I am always trying to find things to do. I will try anything twice – just to make sure.

My son is currently 5 years old and entering kindergarten in the fall. I am confident he will do well I just hope he realizes what an enjoyment learning is and all the possibilities it leads to. My husband is a recognized painter; I find this ironic considering I went to school for art while he went for English and now our professional roles are reversed although I do live vicariously through him in this aspect. Both of these people have made me who I am today. My son is my heart and my husband – my soul.

I secretly want to be one of those IT geeks that work in the basement of a corporate building holding down the infrastructure of the company while no one realizes it. I don’t, however, want to atrophy hovering over a computer, so I play roller derby.

Roller derby is more than a sport, for me. My teammates are my second family. They are a support structure like no other. I am a huge advocate for this sport it is a great confidence builder and forces a person to channel their inner-aggressive self if normally they are not.

I should follow that up with I am usually a reserved person, though. I respect people that listen before they speak and find their advice and ideas tend to be better. I try to do the same.