Recruitment CD

NTDaily Recruitment CD

Project Purpose: To create an enticing recruitment promotional that would match the technology that the new generation of incoming freshman were using.

Team and Timeline: I coordinated a production staff of two. We also worked with the staff and faculty of the journalism school to do videos and edit copy. The complete project took us about 3 months.

Process: We started with brainstorming all of the opportunities that the paper offered to students. We also made note of the questions that were normally asked when we would give tours. Once we had an idea of what information was pertinent we started making a navigation chart and working out the function of the CD. Each topic of the CD was a project onto itself. It was heavy with flash animation and videos of staff. We also included some three dimensional animation of the offices. The history portion took researching years of papers and then compiling art. As we started to put it all together we would have people outside of the project edit copy in the different sections. The finished product was mass-produced and handed out at high schools and freshmen orientations.

The key to this project was planning. I really enjoyed working on this and was very impressed with the end result. We had coordinated multiple students as well as faculty to appear on video and compiled the flash animation to work seamlessly between sections. Students seemed to respond well to it.