Smartphone App

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NTDaily iPhone app

Project Purpose: To provide students with information supplied from the North Texas Daily to a mobile device and to create another revenue generating source for the student newspaper.

Team and Timeline: I coordinated an app developer and an illustrator to accomplish this project. We started on January 2012 and it launched in July of 2012.

Process: We started with surveying students and staff on what information they wanted easily on-hand. As I received the survey information I mapped out the app structure. mapapp I supplied the developer and illustrator with thumbnails of how each screen should look and the navigation of the buttons.


Throughout the process the developer and illustrator would send me segments of the app and accompanying art. I would review the function and test for any bugs that might exist. I would then send them revisions. The app went through numerous changes and ideas were added as well as taken away throughout.


We did a soft launch for the NT Daily staff and faculty to receive feedback and then an official launch in July of 2012.

Final product features:
• scrolling news feed
• campus map
• student organization list
• twitter feed
• academic calendar
• news videos
• UNT phone list
• events listing
• local coupons
• citizen report ability

phone1 phone2 phone3 phone4 

Download the app here.