Jacqueline Serie

To attain a masters degree in Innovation Studies, and apply those skills in a 21st century technologically driven career.

University of North Texas – Bachelor of Fine Arts
Visual Arts – Photography

Adobe InDesign

Director for The North Texas Daily (2006-current)
• Develop innovating strategies for the production and publication of the North Texas Daily
• Oversee the advertisement team which is in charge of a budget of at least $200,000
• Manage the operations and production of The North Texas Daily
• Maintain a sense of teamwork, and ensure an environment in which students learn and participate in producing the student newspaper

Instructor for University of North Texas Journalism Department (2004-2009)
• Develop lessons to introduce students to the current applications used in journalism
• Help students develop media packets and design newspaper pages
• Instruct students on InDesign as well as other software such as Photoshop, and how to reach their design goals
• Encourage creativity when designing company logos, full press packets, front pages and more
• Prepare students for a technology-savvy career in journalism

Production Coordinator for The North Texas Daily (2000-2006)
• Supervise marketing for The Daily and initiate an award winning advertising campaign
• Design publications and advertisements to generate revenue
• Apply knowledge of printing press and color separations
• Supervise marketing campaigns
• Discover target markets and maintain audience awareness
• Introduce/train new software each year to staff
• Proofread all material before print

Freelance Designer/Photographer (2003-2005)
• Design brochures, advertisements, logos, business cards and websites for various clients
• Knowledge of the target market
• Self motivate to accomplish professional goals

Head Designer for The Colony Times (2000-2002)

Computer Skills:
• InDesign
• Photoshop
• Illustrator
• WordPress
• Dreamweaver
• Flash
• Final Cut